"EUROCEM" is a foreign trade company founded in 2002, whose primary activity is the import and distribution of special cements and complementary raw materials in the field of construction and refractory industry.

By developing its activities in the regional market, EUROCEM has reached high standards of professionalism, thus becoming the exclusive partner and authorized distributor of world leaders in the field of production of special cements: CRH, OYAK, CALUCEM and IMERYS.


Eurocem - Kalcijum – aliuminat cementi – brzovezujući

The second segment of EUROCEM's business is related to the import and distribution of solid energy products – petroleum coke and energy coal, mainly for the needs of the cement and brick industry in the regional market. Within these activities, the company has achieved a strategic partnership with one of the world leaders in the field of solid energy trade – the company "COECLERICI GROUP" – Lugano, thanks to which it has direct access to the highest quality sources of these energy products, and thanks to this, EUROCEM has become one of the regional leaders in the distribution of petroleum coke and energy coal.  početna CG

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