By developing its activities in the regional market, EUROCEM has reached high standards of professionalism, thus becoming the exclusive partner and authorized distributor of world leaders in the field of production of special cements and solid energy products. 


Unlike grey cement, white cement, in addition to its construction properties, meets the highest requirements in the field of aesthetics and construction, and therefore it is a material for the architecture of the future.
Recognizing the increasing importance of white cement in modern construction, EUROCEM has made this material available to all users on the regional market through its cement terminal in Smederevo within the port "TOMI TRADE" on the Danube, from where cement is distributed to all regional clients.

Eurocem program
In order to increase logistic efficiency, we have also developed two regional distribution centers – "PRO TEAM LOGISTIC CENTER" in Belgrade, as well as "Vesko" in Arandjelovac, from where distribution is carried out to all clients in all business conditions – from bulk deliveries, through deliveries in jumbo bags (1.5 t), to those in bags of 25 kg on pallets (1.2 t).


BELI CEMENT DANUCEM EUROCEMDanucem white cement is produced with the latest technology in Danucem's cement plant in Rohoznik (Slovakia) and meets all the qualitative and environmental criteria of modern construction.

Danucem white cement has its validation in construction practice, thanks to its large initial and ultimate strength, and based on it can be used for the production of a wide range of aesthetic and high-quality products, such as: pike facades, artificial stone, slabs, terrazzo floors, all kinds of mineral high-quality and other materials for finishing works in construction.

Packaging: 25 kg paper bags with PE lining / palletized (1.2 t) with PET foil.


BELI CEMENT-OYAK EUROCEMOYAK white portland cement CEM I 52.5 R belongs to high-quality white cements, which due to its pronounced initial bonding speed finds optimal application in the production of a wide range of aesthetically high-quality concrete products.

In addition, OYAK white cement is increasingly used in the production of white adhesives, which must meet high standards in modern construction in terms of both speed and required bonding strength. Due to the increasing demand and application of white cement in architecture, EUROCEM has made an extra effort to make it available, making a terminal in Smederevo. In this way, white cement finds its way to our clients even more efficiently.

Packaging: 25 kg paper bags with PE lining / palletized (1.2 t) with PET foil.


Kalcijum aluminantni cementi eurocemCalcium – aluminate cements – fast-bonding, or, as they are also called "refractory cements", due to their special physical and mechanical properties, and thanks to their chemical characteristics, have an increasing application in the production of construction chemistry (adhesives, mortars, hydro-insulation materials...).

CAC Istra 40

CAC Istra 40 EUROCEMCAC Istra 40 is a fast-bonding cement with 40% Al203, which, thanks to its basic characteristic of fast hardening, has found wide application in construction chemistry products such as: special adhesives and mortars, self-leveling flooring and various materials for repairing, hydro-insulation materials...

Another significant property of this cement is its resistance to high temperatures (up to 1200 C°) which is why it has found wide application in the refractory industry, both forming (refractory bricks) and granular materials (refractory concrete and mortar).

Packaging: 25 kg paper bags with PE lining / palletized (1.4 t) with PET foil.


CAC Istra 50

CAC Istra 50 EUROCEMCAC Istra 50 is a fast-bonding cement with 50% Al203, which has found its widest application in the production of refractory concrete and insulation mixtures, which are exposed to high temperatures up to 1400 C°. Due to its high hydraulic activity, it has found its application in thermal aggregates used in large power plants (thermal power plants, heating plants...), black and non-ferrous metallurgy, steel mills and smelters, glassworks, cement plants...

Packaging: 25 kg paper bags with PE lining / palletized (1.4 t) with PET foil.


Secar 71

Secar 71 EUROCEMAluminate cement Seacar 71, fast-bonding cement with 71% Al203, which due to its high refractory strength is widely used in the production of refractory materials that are in application exposed to high temperatures up to 1700 C°. Due to the high percentage of Al203, this cement has an almost white color, and because of this property it is also widely used in the products of construction chemistry (white adhesives, grout...).

Packaging: 25 kg paper bags with PE lining / palletized (1,575 t) with PET foil.

Secar 80

Secar 80 EUROCEMAluminate cement Secar 80 is a fast-bonding cement with 80% Al203, which, due to its extremely short bonding time, meets the most demanding application needs in final products in terms of both refractory and physical-mechanical properties. In the field of production of refractory materials, this cement is used in all materials that require refractory up to 1800 C°. Due to its cleanliness and light color, it also finds wide application as an additive in construction chemistry products.

Packaging: 25 kg paper bags with PE lining / palletized (1,575 t) with PET foil.

Solid fuels

Petroleum coke is one of the petroleum derivatives, which is the final product of thermal decomposition of petroleum residues and represents a product obtained by coking raw materials obtained from the residues of primary and secondary oil refining processes.


Its use value and application in various industrial fields is increasing, due to its high caloric value, thus increasing efficiency in factories that use petrol coke as a propellant.

Energy coal with calorific value min. 6000 kcal/kg, is one of the basic energy sources, especially used in the cement industry.


Thanks to the reputation that EUROCEM has on the regional market within its core business, as well as the achieved strategic partnership with one of the world leaders in the field of solid energy trade – the company "COECLERICI GROUP" – Lugano, we have managed to position ourselves as a reliable supplier of petroleum coke and energy coal for cement plants and bricks in the regional market.  DC

White corundum- "MOTIM"

This raw material is obtained as a by-product in the production process of alumina containing min. 99.5% Al203, and is an indispensable component in the production process of the highest quality refractory monolithic and formed materials, and also in the production of abrasive materials. Granulation: 0-50mm

Packaging: 50 kg multilayer paper bags, palletized (1t), covered with PET foil. CONTACT

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